Kingsmead Leisure Centre Pool Plant Refurbishment

Delron Services Ltd (DSL) reduces Water Consumption and Carbon Footprint for City Council with Pool Plant Refurbishment.

DSL have recently completed the design development and installation contract for the overhaul of the swimming pool circulation and filtration system at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury for Canterbury City Council.  DSL were commissioned to develop the base design into a fully integrated system that would reduce water consumption of the swimming pools by 90% when compared with the previous conventional backwash filtration system that was decommissioned. This saving would also impact on chemical treatment and gas consumption. This project involved working closely with the Council’s Building Services department, representatives of Active Life who manage the leisure centre, and the equipment suppliers (Defender Filters of Glasgow).

The previous  filtration system required regular backwashing which necessitated dumping 29m3 of water every week, together with the reheating of the same quantity of fresh water to 28degC. Following this installation, the Council is expecting to save £34,000 per annum in overall running costs.